Better coverage for your link inventory

Use multiple providers for your outgoing links instead of just one

By running multiple providers on your site, LinkBridge generates more money from your content. Each link opportunity is checked with all providers to guarantee maximum coverage.

Affiliate Clicks Increase*

*Compared to using a single provider, calculated by the different number of merchants (domains) supported by each provider

Top 3 questions

1. Do I still need to sign up with these providers?

Yes! LinkBridge only optimize your clicks through providers you have signed up directly with. We do not aggregate your earnings or sign up on your behalf. Providers continue to pay you directly.

2. Will I see reports?

Yes! we provide aggregated clicks reports you can filter by country, device and/or browser. Providers continue to show you earnings reports on their dashboard.

3. How do you make money?

We charge a flat monthly fee to optimize your clicks or sell you software to do so yourself. We do NOT take a cut, percentage of clicks or commission of your revenues. Providers continue to pay you directly.

Choose your plan

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For large sites
  • Multiple domains
  • Unlimited clicks
  • Real-time reports
  • Yield optimization cross providers
  • Additional monetization tools